Reaching contested decisions on certified provisions and motions under adapted standing orders

27.28Where motions for founding resolutions for the Finance Bill are certified, any contested division on the motion is only agreed to if a majority of all Members voting in a division and a majority of Members representing qualifying constituencies vote in support of the motion.1 The same requirement applies to certified motions in respect of financial instruments.2 In the case of a Finance Bill, the arrangements for consent motions and Legislative Grand Committees operate in the same way as for other bills, but with the addition of consent motions relating to England, Wales and Northern Ireland and a Legislative Grand Committee (England, Wales and Northern Ireland).3


  1. 1. SO No 83V.
  2. 2. SO No 83T. In relation to such instruments subject to annulment, the effect in the absence of both requisite majorities is that the certified instrument remains in force and full effect.
  3. 3. SO No 83S(4)–(5). Where the Legislative Grand Committee (England, Wales and Northern Ireland) is needed to give consent along with another Legislative Grand Committee, the Legislative Grand Committee (England, Wales and Northern Ireland) meets first and replaces the Legislative Grand Committee (England and Wales) as the only Legislative Grand Committee in which debate can take place.