Process of certification of motions relating to Lords amendments or messages

27.23The motions that require certification cannot be determined with certainty in advance of consideration of Lords amendments and messages. The Speaker's selection paper for such stages identifies the Lords amendments and subordinate or alternative propositions in respect of which any motion will be certified.1 In any case where the time for the putting of questions under a Programme Order is reached, the motions that stand to be certified can be combined.2 For this reason, it is usual for final certification to be issued after the proceedings have taken place.3


  1. 1. See, for example, the Speaker's selection lists in relation to the Housing and Planning Bill (2015–16) of 3 and 9 May 2016; HC Deb (3 May 2016) 609, c 58. The Speaker is enjoined by SO No 83O to have regard to the extent to which motions are drafted so that they can be certified in selecting motions relating to Lords amendments or other messages.
  2. 2. See para 27.29.
  3. 3. See, for example, Votes and Proceedings, 4 May and 11 May 2016, Housing and Planning Bill (2015–16).