Committal, general committees with territorial requirements and subsequent committee proceedings

27.4A Scottish public bill committee is appointed for the consideration of each bill which has been certified by the Speaker under Standing Order No 97 as relating exclusively to Scotland.1 Bills which have not been certified as relating exclusively to Scotland may be ordered to be considered by a Scottish public bill committee.2 In the case of any public bill relating exclusively to Wales (a term not subject to a certification procedure and not used in relation to consideration of bills in relation to their principle by the Welsh Grand Committee), a public bill committee must be so constituted as to include all Members sitting for Welsh constituencies.3

There is provision in standing orders for a bill that has been considered by the Scottish Grand Committee in relation to its principle to be referred for consideration on report to the Scottish Grand Committee and for certain bills to be referred for further consideration in place of a third reading debate to the Scottish Grand Committee or the Northern Ireland Grand Committee.4


  1. 1. Under SO No 86(2)(i) a Scottish public bill committee consists of not fewer than 16 Members representing Scottish constituencies. For an order disapplying this provision, see CJ (2012–13) 606. For the procedure for committal in respect of a bill referred to the Scottish Grand Committee for consideration in relation to its principle, see Erskine May (23rd edn, 2004), p 589.
  2. 2. Legal Aid and Solicitors (Scotland) Bill, CJ (1948–49) 70; Mental Health (Scotland) Bill, CJ (1959–60) 104; Criminal Justice (Scotland) Bill [Lords], CJ (1962–63) 112; Social Work (Scotland) Bill [Lords], CJ (1967–68) 231; Transport (Scotland) Bill, ibid (1988-89) 83. The House has also ordered that certain parts of a bill be considered by a Scottish standing committee, the remainder being allocated to another standing committee in the normal way, CJ (1947–48) 62, 66; cf SO No 86(2)(i).
  3. 3. SO No 86(2)(ii). This provision has not been used, but for orders prescribing a number of Members sitting for Welsh constituencies on a public bill committee, see CJ (1974-75) 511; ibid (1975-76) 441; ibid (1982–83) 93.
  4. 4. SO Nos 92(1), 97(7)–(10) and 113(5)–(8). No bill has been so referred. In the case of a bill referred for consideration stage in general committee after having been considered in relation to its principle by a second reading committee (on which see para 28.140 ) that related exclusively to Wales, the same compositional requirement would apply as for the public bill committee on such a bill: SO No 92(2).