Speakers' lists

25.58For most debates1 a list of the order of speakers is issued by the Government Whips' Office. This list is drawn up after consultation through the usual channels. Members of the Lords wishing to enter their names on the list must do so by 6 pm on the previous weekday (4 pm when that day is Friday).2 If a speakers' list has been open for less than a sitting day, the list closes at 12 noon on the day of the debate. A Member of the Lords whose name is not on the list may take part by speaking ‘in the gap’ just before the winding-up speeches. They should inform the Table of their wish to do so, and have their name added in manuscript to the list. Any such speaker is expected to be brief (not longer than four minutes).3


  1. 1. Speakers' lists are not produced for stages of bills other than the second reading, and occasionally for the passing of private bills; nor is it usual to produce speakers' lists for debates on affirmative instruments or domestic committee reports.
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