Putting of question at end of debate

25.55When debate on a motion has ended and after the Member of the Lords moving the motion has (if they wish) replied, the question is put for the second time. The Lord Speaker stands and states the question to the House, beginning with ‘The question is, that …’. He or she then collects the voices by saying ‘As many as are of that opinion will say “Content”. The contrary, “Not-content”’; the opposing sides call in turn ‘Content’ or ‘Not-content’. If there is a response from only one side the Lord Speaker says ‘The Contents [or Not-contents] have it’, and the question is resolved accordingly. If there is a response from both sides, but one side appears more numerous than the other, the Lord Speaker says ‘I think the Contents [or Not-contents] have it’. If this expression of opinion is not challenged he or she says ‘The Contents [or Not-contents] have it’ and the question is decided accordingly. If it is challenged he or she may repeat it until the challenge is abandoned or until he or she is satisfied that a division is inevitable. When, however, it is apparent that a division must be called, he or she says ‘Clear the Bar’. If the challenge is maintained, even by only one Member of the Lords, a division must be called. For the procedure on a division, see paras 25.8325.87.