‘Next business’ motion

25.53A Member of the Lords who considers it undesirable that the House should record an opinion on a motion that has been moved may move ‘that the House do proceed to the next business’. Notice should, if possible, be given. A ‘next business’ motion supersedes the original motion before the House and, if it is agreed to, the question on the original motion is not put, and the debate ends. If it is disagreed to, the debate on the original motion may be resumed and the question is put in the usual way. The next business motion is not admitted on an amendment, though after an amendment has been agreed to, it may be moved on an original motion as amended. It may not be moved in any committee of the House.1

The next business motion is debatable and, since it cannot be debated without reference to the original motion, the subject matter of both motions may be debated together. It should be distinguished from the closure which, if carried, compels the House at once to come to a decision on the original motion (see below).


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