Other Thursday debates

25.42Other Thursdays are set aside for debates, usually on motions for papers, sponsored by the opposition, the Crossbench peers, and the Government's own backbenchers. The allocation of days to each is decided by discussion between the usual channels. Up to two separate debates may take place. Where two debates are set down for a Thursday, each must be time-limited within a total time limit of six hours and speaking time is then subject to the rules set out at para 25.79.1 Motions to take note of select committee reports have been debated with such motions where the subject matter is closely related.2


  1. 1. LJ (1993–94) 196–97, 250. The general debate day was moved from Wednesday to Thursday in 2005 as an experiment and confirmed in 2006: HL Deb (24 July 2006) 684, cc 1544–51.
  2. 2. LJ (1993–94) 496.