Lords Temporal

25.25A Member of the House of Lords is introduced between two other Members of the same degree of peerage as them,1 all wearing parliamentary robes. Preceded by the Gentleman or Lady Usher of the Black Rod, Garter King of Arms (or another herald) who carries the patent, they enter the House from the bar and advance to the Table. Garter hands the new Member's Letters Patent to the Reading Clerk, and the new Member hands the Writ of Summons to the Reading Clerk. The Reading Clerk reads the Letters Patent and administers the oath of allegiance or solemn affirmation to the new Member who then signs the Test Roll. The new Member also signs an undertaking to abide by the House of Lords Code of Conduct. The new Member is then conducted to the Woolsack where they shake hands with the Lord Speaker.


  1. LJ (1992–93) 439, 440. Since the coming into force of the House of Lords Act 1999, excepted hereditary peers who are not of the rank of baron may not be supporters.