New Zealand Parliamentary Privilege Act 2014

16.29Following the case of Leigh v Gow, in which briefing prepared to enable a Minister to answer a parliamentary question was not held to be privileged, New Zealand, like Australia before it, introduced legislation on privilege. One of the stated purposes of the New Zealand Act is to ‘abolish and prohibit evidence being offered or received, questions being asked, or statements, submissions, or comments made, concerning proceedings in Parliament, to inform or support “effective repetition” claims and liabilities in proceedings in a court or tribunal and exemplified by the decision in Buchanan v Jennings [2004] UKPC 36, [2005] 2 All ER 273 (PC) ’.1 The Privy Council judgment in Jennings v Buchanan remains persuasive authority in the United Kingdom.


  1. 1. New Zealand Parliamentary Privilege Act 2014, s 3(d).