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Complaints reported by committees

15.33In both Houses, complaints from committees are normally made in the form of special reports, although they have also been contained in substantive reports on wider matters.1

Matters complained of in such special reports have included disorderly conduct in the committee; or some contempt of the committee's authority, for example a person summoned as a witness refusing to attend or to answer questions, or prevaricating or giving false evidence; as well as presumptions on the part of the committee that a breach of privilege or other contempt of the House has been committed, such as a libel upon the Chairman of the committee, or interference in or failure to co-operate with the committee's inquiry.


  1. 1. When a joint committee made a report of a possible contempt, the Speaker accorded precedence to a motion to refer the matter to the Committee on Standards and Privileges on receipt of a letter from the Chairman of the joint committee, HC Deb (2009–10) 506, c 21. The Culture, Media and Sport Committee raised complaints of misleading the Committee in its Eleventh Report of Session 2010–12, News International and Phone Hacking, HC 903-I.