26.11At the end of a bill there may be one or more schedules, each with a descriptive title. Schedules have the same full statutory effect as clauses. Schedules contain extended material inclusion of which within clauses might detract from the sequential effect of the clauses.1 A schedule is part of the bill but is dependent on one or more of the preceding clauses, by means of which the provisions of the schedule are carried into effect. Schedules may be divided into paragraphs ‘1’, ‘2’ etc, and paragraphs into sub-paragraphs ‘(1)’, ‘(2)’ etc. A sub-paragraph (or a paragraph not sub-divided) usually consists of a single sentence. Further subdivision is possible. Paragraphs may be grouped in numbered parts, and a paragraph or group of paragraphs may be given a title in italics. Schedules are common in government bills, and are not infrequently as long or longer in total length than the clauses of the bill.


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