Divisions and Objections

23.12No divisions are permitted in Westminster Hall: if the opinion of the Chair is challenged on the decision of a question (other than a question to adjourn), that question is not decided but reported by the Chair to the House.1 There is no automatic procedure for the question to be placed on the Notice Paper of the House, but if it is so placed and comes up for consideration in the normal way then the question may be decided forthwith.2

As noted earlier, under Standing Order No 10(9) any business in Westminster Hall other than a motion expressed in neutral terms under Standing Order No 24B (or a motion for the adjournment) will be brought to an end if not fewer than six Members rise in their places and object to further proceedings.


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  2. 2. See for example HC Deb (1 December 2016) 617, cc 1691–92 (following a challenge in Westminster Hall on 15 November, ibid c 48WH).