22.22Questions are also inadmissible which seek the solution of hypothetical propositions;1 raise questions of policy too large to be dealt with in an answer to a question; seek information on matters of past history for the purposes of argument;2 or are trivial, vague or meaningless.

Similarly, multiple questions on the same theme but with slight variations, which where taken together take on the appearance of an argument or campaign, have been disallowed by the Speaker.3


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  2. 2. Speaker's private ruling, 31 January 1961. For the purposes of this rule, the passage of 30 years or more is generally deemed to constitute past history (Speaker's private ruling, 5 July 1983). The House has approved (CJ (1992–93) 853) the recommendation of the Select Committee on Procedure of Session 1992–93 (HC 687) that the history rule be modified to permit questions seeking information of a factual or statistical nature for any point within the 30-year limit which could, under the previous system, be sought as part of a run of statistics.
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