Notice of questions

22.2Notice of all questions is given by delivering, either in hard copy or via the secure digital tabling facility, its terms to the Table Office (notices of questions may not be given by telephone or email). It must be authorised either by being submitted from a recognised online/digital account, or by an original signature, or, if handed in in person, by the presence of the Member. The notice must indicate the name of the Member and whether it is for written or oral answer. Declaration of any relevant interests is required when giving notice of a question (for oral or written answer): whenever such an interest is declared against a question for oral or written answer, the symbol [R] appears after the Member's name on the Notice Paper or Order Paper.1 A Member may table a question on behalf of another Member but must have the latter's specific authority.2 Notices may be received only on sitting days save that (a) they may be accepted on ‘printing days' during a recess,3 and (b) under Standing Order No 12(3), notice of questions may be given by Members to the Table Office between 11 am and 3 pm on non-sitting Fridays. There is a deadline set each day for written questions submitted through the electronic tabling system; and written questions received later than half an hour after the moment of interruption while the House (whether the Chamber or in Westminster Hall) is still sitting are deemed to have been submitted the following day.4


  1. 1. The Guide to the Rules relating to the Conduct of Members, HC 1882 (2017–19), Chapter 2, para 7(d).
  2. 2. HC Deb (1975–76) 901, cc 179–80.
  3. 3. There is usually one printing day in each recess; it falls on the last recess weekday which is not a Bank Holiday before the House returns.
  4. 4. Questions submitted via the digital tabling facility after 6.30 pm on a sitting Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, 5.30 pm on a sitting Thursday or 2.30 pm on a sitting Friday are deemed to have been tabled the following day; likewise questions submitted by other means after 10.30 pm on a Monday, 7.30 pm on a Tuesday or Wednesday, 5.30 pm on a Thursday or 3 pm on a Friday, yet while the House is still sitting, are deemed to have been tabled the following day.