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Matters relating to privilege taken without notice

19.25By custom this position in the order of business has long been assigned to matters of privilege, and for many years until the procedure was changed (see Chapter 15) in 1978 this time was regarded as the most appropriate for Members to raise complaints of breach of privilege or of contempt. But most matters which fall under the designation of privilege occupy a different position in the order of business. For instance, the moving of a new writ to fill a casual vacancy (which is one of the means by which the House exercises the privilege of making provision with respect to its own proper constitution) is taken at the very beginning of a sitting (see para 19.8 ), though if the moving of a new writ is opposed it is taken at this point; and most substantive motions relating to privilege of which notice has been given are taken as part of consideration of orders of the day and notices of motion (see below), as the first item.