Business question

19.18As indicated at para 18.12, for many years it has been the practice for the Shadow Leader of the House to ask each Thursday, immediately after any other urgent questions have been disposed of, a question on the business for the following week. The Leader of the House usually then announces the business for two sitting weeks ahead. The Opposition spokesperson and third party spokesperson are given up to five and two minutes respectively to respond. A wide range of supplementary questions relating to forthcoming business has been by practice permitted, although Members are expected to relate their questions to future business by, for example, asking for debate on a particular topic. Questions may also relate to the wider responsibilities of the Leader of the House since there is no longer a separate opportunity, within the rota for Ministers answering oral questions, to question the Leader of the House. If however it is desired to take the announcement of business after ministerial statements which may be taking place, the Business Question is replaced by a Business statement under the procedure for ministerial statements outlined below.