Motions for unopposed returns

19.12Immediately after private business is the usual time for moving motions for returns (of accounts and other documents) of which notice stands upon the notice paper for the day, and which the Minister responsible for the government department concerned has signified a readiness to render. Such motions are made by Ministers and may be made either at this time or at any other convenient opportunity.

It is a settled principle that a motion for a return which is proposed by the Minister responsible for the department concerned ought not to be opposed by any other Member and such opposition has been overruled by the Speaker.1


  1. 1. HC Deb (1909) 5, c 1162; ibid (1922) 157, cc 1231–32; ibid (1992–93) 217, c 855; ibid (1995–96) 281, c 1283; ibid (20 June 2018) 643, c 309. In refusing to accept an objection to a motion for an unopposed return, the Speaker has suggested that the Member who objected should bring pressure upon the department with a view to the order being rescinded, ibid (1915–16) 77, c 588.