Report of Queen's answers to Addresses

19.6When an Address has been presented in the ordinary way (by a Privy Counsellor or member of the household), Her Majesty's Answer is reported to the House by a member of her household, usually the Vice-Chamberlain, who acts in the House as one of the government Whips. This officer stands at the Bar immediately after prayers, and on being called by the Speaker, announces ‘Her Majesty's answer to a loyal and dutiful Address’, proceeds to the Table with the customary three bows, and having read the terms of the royal Answer to the House, presents the document containing them to the Clerk standing at the Despatch Box for the purpose of entry in the records of the House. The Vice-Chamberlain then makes an exit in the same formal manner. (For the general subject of communications between the Crown and Parliament, see Chapter 9.)