Motions to change membership of select committees

18.41Under Standing Order No 121, motions for the nomination or discharge of members of permanent select committees (with the exception of the Liaison Committee, the Committee of Selection and the Committees on Standards and of Privileges) are made on behalf of the Committee of Selection by the Chair or another member of the committee. Such motions are placed on the Order Paper on the authority of the Government and on the instruction of the Chair of the committee. No such motion may be made unless notice of it has been given at least two sitting days previously.1 Such motions are debatable. If, however, they are taken after the moment of interruption and are then opposed, Standing Order No 15(1)(c) provides for proceedings on a subsequent day to be concluded one hour after the moment of interruption or one hour after the commencement of those proceedings, whichever is the later.


  1. 1. SO No 121(2)(a); for examples of the House appointing select committee members notwithstanding this provision see CJ (2010–12) 84; Votes and Proceedings, 11 September 2017.