Instruments subject to negative resolution procedure

18.26A larger number of government instruments laid before the House are subject to what is known as the negative resolution procedure. Most are not debated. Of those that are, like those subject to the affirmative procedure, the overwhelming majority are debated in Delegated Legislation Committee. However, the Government may very occasionally give time on the floor of the House to the debate of a motion for an Address praying that the instrument be annulled (for a detailed account, see para 31.15 ).1 Such motions are most frequently moved by a member of the official Opposition, but some are also tabled by private Members or spokespersons of other opposition parties. Proceedings under the negative procedure are also governed by Standing Order No 16, limiting debate to one-and-a-half hours, but subject also to Standing Order No 17 which requires proceedings to end by 11.30 pm on Mondays, 8.30 pm on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and 6.30 pm on Thursdays (subject to certain qualifications, for which see para 20.50, 3rd indent).


  1. 1. See for example HC Deb (17 December 2008) 485, c 1133; ibid (11 March 2009) 489, c 364.