Publication of debates or proceedings

13.3Both Houses now publish their debates, although in the past publication of the debates of either House was repeatedly declared to be a breach of privilege, whether or not the reports were false and perverted.1 However, requests made under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 have illustrated that in cases where the House has not authorised the publication of its proceedings, their disclosure is a breach of privilege.2


  1. 1. For the provisions made in 1916 and in the Second World War as to reports of debates if either House resolved to hold a ‘secret session’, see para 17.22. For older instances of the exercise of this power, see CJ (1812) 432; ibid (1819) 577; ibid (1833) 606.
  2. 2. See also Seventh Report of the Committee on Standards and Privileges, HC 501 (2008–09).