The Parliamentary Partnership Assembly of the European Union and the United Kingdom

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10.8AArticle 11 of the Trade and Cooperation Agreement between the United Kingdom and the European Union signed on 30 December 2020 provided for a parliamentary strand to the relationship between the two parties to the agreement, following the UK's departure from the EU. The provision was permissive, stating that ‘The European Parliament and the Parliament of the United Kingdom may establish a Parliamentary Partnership Assembly consisting of Members of the European Parliament and of Members of the Parliament of the United Kingdom, as a forum to exchange views on the partnership' between the EU and the UK.1 The same article gave the Parliamentary Partnership Assembly (PPA) powers to request information regarding the implementation of the Agreement from the Partnership Council, to be informed of the decisions and recommendations of the Partnership Council and to make recommendations to the Partnership Council.2

The House of Commons resolved on 6 December 2021, and the House of Lords on 8 December 2021, to participate in such an Assembly, and further agreed that the UK members should be nominated, supported and funded in the same way as members of the existing delegations to parliamentary assemblies.3 Members to the PPA are therefore appointed by means of a written ministerial statement from the Prime Minister.4 In addition to the 35 full members, a number of alternate or substitute members are appointed who may attend plenary meetings in the place of full members. The statement also appoints the leader of the delegation, who acts as co-chair of the PPA (the other co-chair is the leader of the European Parliament delegation), and vice-chairs. The co-chair and vice-chairs together form the UK component of the Bureau of the PPA.


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