Abbreviation Description
2RCSecond Reading Committee
ACLaw Reports, Appeal Cases
ACTRAustralian Capital territory reports
AIRAll India Reports
All ERAll England Law Reports, 1942–date
ALJRAustralian Law Journal Reports
ALRAustralian Law Reports
App CasLaw Reports, Appeal Cases, 1975–1890
CPaper presented to Parliament by Royal Command, 1870–1900
Cav DebSir Henry Cavendish's Debates of the House of Commons, 2 volumes, 1768–1771 (1841–42)
CFSPCommon Foreign and Security Policy
Ch AppLaw Reports, Chancery Appeals, 1865–1875
CJJournals of the House of Commons
CLRCommonwealth Law Reports
CmPaper presented to the House of Commons by Royal Command, 1986–date
CmdPaper presented to the House of Commons by Royal Command, 1919–1956
CmndPaper presented to the House of Commons by Royal Command, 1956–1986
ColchesterCharles Abbot, Lord Colchester, Diary and Correspondence, 3 volumes (1861)
Con LRConstruction Law Reports
CPACommonwealth Parliamentary Association
C & RClifford and Rickards' Locus Standi Reports, 1873–1884
CRRCanadian Rights Reporter
C & SClifford and Stephens’ Locus Standi Reports, 1867–1872
CSCEConference on Security and Co-operation in Europe
DenisonJ E Denison, Notes from my Journal when Speaker (1900)
d'EwesSir Symonds D'Ewes, Journal of all the Parliaments during the reign of Queen Elizabeth (1682) (facsimile reprint 1973)
DLCDelegated Legislation Committee
DLRDominion law Reports [Canada], series 1–4, 1912–date
Dow & Ry (KB)Dowling and Ryland's Reports, King's Bench, 1822–1827
Ecc LJEcclesiastical Law Journal
ECHREuropean Court of Human Rights
EHRREuropean Human Rights Reports
EMExplanatory Memorandum
ENExplanatory Notes
EREnglish Reports of all decisions previous to 1866, 178 volumes (1900–1930)
Euro CoEuropean Committee
EVEL‘English Votes for English Laws’
EWCACourt of Appeal judgement (England and Wales)
EWHCHigh Court judgment (England and Wales)
ex pEx parte
FFederal Reporter
FCAFederal Court of Australia
FCOForeign and Commonwealth Office
F (HL)Fraser's Court of Session cases, Fifth Series
Grey DebEd Anchitell Grey, Debates of the House of Commons, 10 volumes, 1667–1684 (1789)
HatsellJohn Hatsell, Precedents of Proceedings in the House of Commons, 4 volumes (1818)
HCHouse of Commons paper
HC(A)A 1978House of Commons (Administration) Act 1978
HC DebParliamentary Debates (Official Report of the House of Commons) (Hansard) (1909–date)
HLHouse of Lords paper
HL DebParliamentary Debates (Official Report of the House of Lords) (Hansard) (1909–date)
IPSAIndependent Parliamentary Standards Authority
IPUInter-Parliamentary Union
Ir EqIrish Reports, Equity, Fourth Series, 1866–1877
IRLRIndustrial Relations Law Reports
JPJustice of the Peace
KBLaw Reports, King's Bench
LCOLegislative Competence Order
LJJournals of the House of Lords
LJ (CH)Law Journal, Chancery, 1822–1946
LRCPLaw Reports, Common Pleas, 1865–1875
LR EqLaw Reports, Equity, 1865–1875
LR HLLaw Reports, English and Irish Appeals, 1866–1875
LSRLocus Standi Reports, 1936–1960, 1960–1983, 1983–1991 and 1991–2006
LTLaw Times Reports, 1859–1947
LT (OS)Law Times Reports, Old Series
MassMassachusetts Reports
MorisonWM Morison, Decisions of the Court of Session, 1526–1808, 22 volumes (1811)
NATONorth Atlantic Treaty Organisation
NPONational Parliament Office
NSWLRNew South Wales Law Reports, 1971–date
NSWSCNew South Wales Supreme Court
NZARNew Zealand Administrative Reports
OROntario Reports
OSCEOrganization for Security and Co-operation in Europe
Parl DebParliamentary Debates, 1803–1908
Parl HistParliamentary History of England to 1803
Pat App HL (SC)Paton's House of Lords Appeals, 1726–1784
PBC DebPublic Bill Committee debates
PCPrivy Council
PCPFParliamentary Contributory Pension Fund
PLPublic Law
QBLaw Reports, Queen's Bench Division, 1891–1900, 1952–date
QBDLaw Reports, Queen's Bench Division, 1875–1890
QSCQueensland Supreme Court Reports
R & MRickards and Michael's Locus Standi reports, 1885–1889
Rot ParlEd J Strachey and J Pridden, Rotuli Parliamentorum, 1278–1503, 6 volumes (1832)
R & SRickards and Saunders' Locus Standi Reports, 1890–1894
SASouth African Law Reports
S & ASaunders and Austin's Locus Standi Reports, 1895–1904
SASRSouth Australian State Reports, 1865–date
S & BSaunders and Bibber's Locus Standi reports, 1905–1919
SCSession Cases
SCRCanadian Law Reports (Supreme Court), 1949–date
Sc Stg CoScottish Standing Committee
SEMSupplementary Explanatory Memorandum
SIStatutory Instrument
SLTScots Law Times, 1893–date
Standing OrderStanding Order (private business)
SO NoStanding Order (public business)
SOCPASerious Crime and Police Act 2005
SR (NSW)State Reports, New South Wales, 1901–1970
STCSimon's Tax Cases, 1973–date
St CoStanding Committee
St Co DebStanding Committee Debates
State TrEd TB and TJ Howell, A Complete Collection of State Trials (1163–1820), 33 volumes (1809–20); and new series (NS) ed J Macdonell (1820–1858), 8 volumes (1888–1898)
TEUTreaty on European Union
TLRTimes Law Reports, 1884–date
TNAThe National Archives
UKHLHouse of Lords judgment
UKPCUnited Kingdom Privy Council decision
UKSCUnited Kingdom Supreme Court judgment
USUnited States Supreme Court Reports
VRVictorian Reports
VSCAVictoria Court of Appeal
WHWestminster Hall
WLRWeekly Law Reports
WSWritten Ministerial Statements